My "Wearable Art" pieces are mainly crafted in Copper, . Copper will oxidize naturally on its own over time. In most cases, I prefer to speed up the oxidation process by way of Patination, in which I use Liver of Sulphur (LOS).

 Patination is a delicate process, which if done right, the patina will add age, depth and richness, while highlighting the pattern of weave chosen. Focal stones, if used, seem to pop a little bit more. Using this process also allows me to control the patina ahead of time so that you can see what the end result, should be. Though you should keep in mind that the patina process will continue on, as more time passes. It is easily controlled.  

 With the included easy care instructions, depending on how often you choose to clean your wearable art piece, you become the artist. The piece becomes uniquely you.

General Maintenance

Do not shower, or expose your wearable art piece to harsh chemicals such as those found in hot tubs, or swimming pools. Do not wear your jewelry while applying hairspray, lotions or other skincare products. Do not clean your pieces with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

 To Avoid Patina

Once a month or as needed, dependent upon the amount of buildup. Lightly scrub your natural Copper creations with a fine inexpensive steel wool pad (found at any hardware store) and a drop of dishwashing liquid.  Or you can use an SOS pad. Rinse beneath lukewarm water, pat gently with a clean, dry and soft cloth. Take care you do not scratch your stone. If you are afraid of using either method, you may also use a dew drops of Ketchup or a soft rag, or old toothbrush. Wash with dish soap, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry. You want to always be careful with the amount of pressure your put on your piece when it involves wire weaves.  For best results, a jewelers Sunshine cloth works wonders.     

  *** I suggest if cleaning in sink to have a soft cloth underneath. Some stones will break if dropped on a hard surface.***


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